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Business Funding Now is a division of Davis Thorpe & Associates, small business and personal financial consulting firm that works with clients to develop a plan that works. With our team, partners, and affiliates we have over 30 years’ experience helping our clients find solutions to achieve their goals.

The truth is for a lot of people a lack of knowledge prevents us from reaching our goals, and most of us will never ask for help. But for those who do ask, Business Funding Now and Davis Thorpe & Associates provides answers that help our clients reach their goals. The business services we offer are designed to help startups and most small business types get funding, build credit and other tools to get your business to the next level.

Having the right consultant as a partner can make all the difference. Our consultants give advice, teach skills, and brainstorm with you to create realistic results. Contact us today to schedule you’re 30 min free consultation. Our success is your success.


It Only Takes a Couple Minutes to Get Approved

Are you motivated, driven and determined to see your business succeed? Do you have a clear vision of where you want to be? Then let’s talk. We love people like you because we want to help our customers succeed. It’s important for us to work with people with the same passion for success. Let’s work together to fulfill your vision.

Our Clients

what our client say about us

“With the funding we got from Business Funding Now, we remodeled the restaurant to provide more seating, bought new equipment so we can serve our customers fast and better.“

Saeed A.

Owner | Super JJ’s Fish and Chicken

“The money Business Funding Now was able to provide us, helped us with much needed repairs, bills and provided us with some additional cash flow for our business.“

Asma A.

Owner | Browns Chicken and Pasta

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